Learning here to be able to study and work anywhere in the world

We provide our students with the knowledge that enables them to work in any environment, anywhere in the world. Our curriculum includes activities, experiences and contests of both a national and international nature. This way, as well as contributing to their academic training, we promote the development of their character.


At European International School of Barcelona we promote the learning of languages from the students’ very first years of life, using language immersion programmes, early stimulation techniques and native English teachers. This is the language approach we use in all the educational stages and it allows the students to learn the three common languages of the school (English, Spanish and Catalan) and other two: French from the age of 8 and German or Chinese (optional) which they start aged12.

Exchange programmes and their future university

Our students participate in annual exchanges with schools from all over Europe and they also take part in international sports competitions (ISSA-International School Sports Association), Politics (Model United Nations and the Global Young Leaders Conference) and Mathematic (Math Quest Tournament) programmes. Furthermore, we prepare our students for international exams that provide them with worldwide renowned accreditation such as: the IGCSEs, SATs, Trinity Exams, Cambridge Exams, DELF, Goethe Institute and HSK. This way, we make it easier for them to go to any university, at home or abroad, which they may choose in the future.

International Global Citizenship

The “Global Citizenship” programme requires of students a comprehensive understanding of the community and the impact of international policies. The students will have to prove their analytical and evaluation skills and reflect on several political, environmental, social and technological issues. They will also work on the rights of local communities and their responsibilities and competences when resolving conflicts.

Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC)

The “Global Young Leaders Conference” (GYLC) provides students aged 15-18 with a greater understanding of their roles as global ambassadors, as they analyze concepts surrounding communications, diplomacy, law, human rights, peace, security, economics and the role of the United Nations. The programme will take place in the United States, China or Europe.

United Nations (MUN)

The “Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda.

The participants role-play as diplomats representing a country or NGO in a simulated session of a committee of the United Nations, such as the Security Council or the General Assembly. Our students research a country, take on roles as diplomats, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult and then develop solutions to world problems such as hunger, environmental sustainability, world peace, etc.