A high-quality, modern, international educational plan

At European International School of Barcelona we prepare our students to achieve excellence in their human and intellectual development. We encourage learning and we foster our students’ natural abilities and gifts, teaching them how to use them for the common good.

We teach our students from an international, modern and practical point of view. Because in a world that’s getting more complex every day, we want our students to become autonomous and responsible individuals, able to study or work  in any place in the world.

From 0 to 18 year-olds, we stand by each one of our students throughout their studies, always ready to encourage them and help them achieve their potential. Our project begins in Infant School and is consolidated in Baccalaureate, participating in a large number of academic and international sporting events, as well as humanitarian projects.

Back to the belief in hard work: making independent, responsible and happy individuals

The backbone of our academic excellence is based on the character-building development of our students. We help them understand the importance of hard-work, team work and social awareness.

We work with an active methodology, whose main goal is to help our students to “learn to learn” and enjoy the process, so they can be lifelong learners. We want them to be independent, trustworthy and self-confident; and for them to see the school as the place where they feel appreciated, and they can strengthen their natural abilities, their gifts; basically everything that makes them unique and special.