European International School of Barcelona is at the service of a free and pluralistic society, focusing on the formation of the individual to defend other cultures, religions and races. Our educational project is based on the principles of Christian humanism and respect for other options.

Educational Community 

We promote Human Rights, democratic and universal values, solidarity and care for the environment. We believe that a genuine educational community, fully committed to teaching, can only be achieved through honest communication between students, teachers and parents.

The student is the main protagonist

The student is the main protagonist and thus we work with each one of them on a case by case basis, taking care of their individual psychology and their needs. We believe values such as order, discipline and perseverance are the key to achieving any goal.

Competent people with a positive attitude

We seek to foster in our students the pleasure of doing things the right way, taking over responsibilities, being able to overcome any adversity and not fearing failure, for it is an inalienable part of success. All this and more, without giving up on fostering critical thinking in order to help our students become competent spiritually and physically.

Always keeping in mind the best future for our students, we believe it is of the utmost importance to share with them our passion for innovation and new technologies. We encourage them to face new challenges, supporting them every step of the way.