The school’s concern for the environment has been an intrinsic part of our programme from the very beginning. As a result, every year we try to introduce different initiatives that will lessen the impact the school has on the environment and that allow us to contribute to the improvement of the planet’s sustainability in general. Considering the size of our school alone now, even the smallest of our efforts can make a big difference. In addition, our students are also taught about how to care for the environment, using a multidisciplinary approach within the school curriculum.

What do we do in the school?


  • We use pedagogical techniques that will foster good habits, encouraging students to protect the environment.
  •  Every year our students visit water treatment and recycling plants, natural parks etc.
  •  Our facilities work on thermal solar energy.


  • We reduce the amount of waste we produce and we recycle selectively.
  • We cut down on the amount of electricity we use.
  • We have time-flow devices on all our taps, to limit the amount of water we use.


  • We collaborate with the Seur Foundation by collecting bottle caps to raise money for sick children.
  • We organize charity campaigns collecting used toys for children in the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital.
  • We reuse the water from the swimming pool for sanitary use and to water the football pitch.


  • We collaborate with ECO-SCHOOLS FEE, the largest sustainable schools organization in the world, with more than 33.000 schools. The main goal of this project is to empower students to be the change a sustainable world needs, by engaging them in fun, pro-active learning.
  • We recycle second-hand uniforms and the money raised is donated to Unicef.
  • We encourage the selective recycling of paper and bottles, providing students with recycling bins in all classrooms throughout the school.