Secondary Education (12-16 years of age)

The main goal of our Secondary school educational project is to teach our students the importance of hard work in order to achieve academic excellence. Our main objective is to motivate our students to want to learn and enjoy the process. We want them to be lifelong learners, autonomous and self-confident.

In this stage, emotional aspects and physical changes faced by students are of key importance. They need to learn that their personal development is the basis for their academic attainment, and that in many cases the former takes precedence over the latter. The tutor plays a very important role in guiding our students through this process.

The study of foreign languages

The Secondary Education curriculum includes the following qualifications: Cambridge First Certificate, Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency (English), DELF A1/B1/B2 (French), Goethe A2/B1/B2 (German) and HSK A2/B2 (Chinese).

IGCSE: going to University abroad.

Our school is the only non-British school in Spain authorized to administer the IGCSE exams. These exams are carried out in English and applied to the following subjects: Mathematics, Technology, Arts, English, Global Citizenship and Sciences). These exams provide our students with renowned accreditation that facilitates the standardization process to enroll in any European University.

Attention to diversity

Secondary School is an educational stage where, just like in other stages, student diversity regarding their learning process must be addressed immediately and with determination. We have special educational programmes for our gifted students, for new foreign students, for students talented in sports or art activities, and also support programmes for students with difficulties or other disorders that affect their learning process.

Future entrepreneurs

In the final year of Secondary School, ESO 4, we introduce the educational subject of “Entrepreneurship”. Our main aim is to promote personal initiative and to encourage our students to make contact with the business world. We foster their creative potential and we show our students all the different options available for the future.

Exchange Programme

Our Exchange Programme collaborates with schools from France, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Germany amongst others. The main objective of this programme is, besides making the most of an international experience and contributing to the development of our students’ character, to carry out a multidisciplinary project (Synthesis Project) which will allow them to research, identify and experience everything they learnt about in the class.

Community Service

We teach our students that they can change the world. Every year they are in charge of a charitable project, in collaboration with the main NGO of our country and abroad, such as: UNICEF, Cáritas, Vicente Ferrer and Doctors without Borders. The participation of the students in this programme is assessed in the “Tutoría” subject.

Tutorial action plan

The tutor is the academic counsellor and the person responsible for transmitting knowledge to students, and they work in close collaboration with the families and the educational staff. The tutor has a very important role in the development of the character of their students, and especially in such a complex phase that is adolescence.

The tutor is the backbone of the student’s educational process: he/she is the person who contributes the most to the comprehensive development of our students.