Without a doubt, physical activity is a distinguishing feature in our school. We are fully aware that the healthy habits we instil in our students will aid them towards better personal development during their school years and thereon.

A teaching centre that cares for the integral development of our students, we aim for the balance between mind and body as yet another tool in helping them achieve both academic and personal goals.

Beginning in Nursery School, our students learn to move and adapt to the environment through free, organised and soft play activities outdoors and also indoors in our fully equipped psychomotricity activity room.

Our students’ psychomotricity skills are complemented with swimming classes held in our indoor, ozone swimming pool complex.

Sweat and smile

We encourage our students to view exercise positively and to practice it enthusiastically.

Physical activity has enormous benefits on students’ happiness which is the direct result of endorphins released after exercise.

Nutrition food Healthy culinary Excellence

Because we understand the importance of our students’ diet, our chefs adapt the menu to the different needs of each educational stage.

We have two main objectives:

  1. to ensure our students maintain a healthy diet
  2. to teach our students lifelong healthy eating habits.


In the Secondary school, our Physical Education programme (PE4LIFE: Physical Education for Life) is based on the positive relationship between physical activity, physical fitness and academic performance. The aerobic exercise of our daily PE sessions improves brain blood flow and improves the generation of neuronal connections, the outcome of which is improved brain performance.

Increased well-being, reduced anxiety, increased mood, improved self-esteem and boosted brain power are some of the benefits that daily physical activity entails.

Furthermore, this practice of physical movement occurs in our high school classes by “Brain Breaks”.  This entails lessons being interrupted for 2-3 minute activities whose aim it is to get students refocused and energised.