International Homeroom

The International Homeroom is a language immersion programme, similar to the EAL (English as an Additional Language programme), aimed at granting newly-arrived students (aged 6-18) successful access to grade level instruction through an English, Spanish and Catalan Language Development programme.

Our transitional scheme seeks to integrate students within our learning community following a twofold scope: the development of BICS (Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills) as well as CALP (Cognitive Academic Learning Proficiency) achievement.

Learning Process

Intervention usually takes places during core Spanish and Catalan instructional time, although support is flexible to meet students’ needs. Our programme embraces both Elementary and Secondary students.

Benchmarks are based on a series of stages that progressively enable students transitioning into mainstream learning to take part in a broader curriculum. Continuous assessment is implemented and a detailed report of students’ progress issued to parents every term.

Socializing intelligence is the keystone in the International Homeroom and, for that reason, emergent learners share a common space alongside more fluent and proficient speakers in a diverse and multicultural-minded setting.

The International Homeroom gathers a team of supportive and stimulating cross-curricular professionals who monitor students’ integration within our community and make sure their learning is meaningful.