School Psychology Department

At European International School of Barcelona, we have a team of three school psychologists and a speech therapist for the sole purpose of giving support to our students and families.

The team meets and coordinates regularly with teachers and course coordinators to closely monitor the study plans and overall progress of our students in all areas (academic, behavioural, social and emotional), helping them to be autonomous and respecting developmental stages.

At European International School of Barcelona, we believe that all children can learn according to different learning styles. We elaborate individual education plans and provide direct attention to all diversities, offering support to students, families and teachers.

The school has at the students’ disposal three full-time psychologists. The Educational Psychology Department works in close collaboration with teachers and monitors the progress of students.

They devise personalised plans and support programmes for attention to diversity disorders (ADHD, dyslexia, gifted and talented, etc.) and carry out several activities to support students, teachers and parents.

The services provided by our School Psychologists help our school to sucessfully:

  • -Aid families by giving them practical guidelines for their child’s learning and mental health needs: sleep, nutrition, early stimulation, enuresis, setting limits, behaviour modification, family conflicts, adolescence, social skills, anxiety, fears, jealousy, parent- child communication, etc.
  • Support Multiple Intelligences.
  • Promote peer tutoring to enhance cooperative learning, peer learning, and other collaborative learning opportunities.
  • Encourage respect and the value of diversity, positive peer relationships and social problem-solving through talks and programs, for example, TEI (“Tutoría Entre Iguales”).
  • Provide study skills training, including goal setting and study habits.
  • Assist children with language-related learning issues, such as speaking, listening and writing.
  • Provide professional orientation including GCSE, PAU and SAT preparation and introduction to university admissions.
  • Organise educational talks to promote positive coping skills relating to different topics such as the internet, food, emotional intelligence, healthy habits, etc. to prevent disorders and improve resilience.
  • Modify and adapt the curriculum and plan appropriate individualised education programs for students with mild to moderate learning difference needs (ADHD, giftedness, dyslexia, new students, etc.).

Gifted and talented room

We have a “Personalised Extension Plan” programme specially designed for gifted and talented students. Families, students and the school meet to analyse the best way to help the student achieve their highest potential through a curricular adaptation. In this space, students are able to develop research projects which they later share with their classmates.