We are Europ@!

As citizens of the European Union there are two main events we will be celebrating this May: the elections to the European Parliament that will take place on the 25th May, and Europe Day. It’s been 64 years since we set out on this fascinating journey. Although in its beginning the European Union was created to favour economic and commercial growth within Europe, it has now come to represent much stronger values. A brotherhood among all the European countries, all under the same blue sky with its 28 stars.

At Europa International School we are proud to celebrate Europe Day, which is also our day. We share the European Union’s main goals and values: union, progress, education, we strive for a future without borders, or walls or differences, based on respect for freedom and collaboration between its members, its citizens. We, in our own way, represent the Europa Union, a big family that has educated generation after generation using the same principles set down 64 years ago. Values such as: respect, equality, commitment, cooperation, friendship, hard work and citizenship without borders, without frontiers.

We are Europ@