Triathlon at Europa International School

Our triathletes participated in several races of the Federació Catalana de Triatló in May:

1- 2nd Infant Triathlon Vila de Sitges:Klaus Escuder, Albert Traveria and Alejandro Alsina took part in the first race of the morning (75m swimming in the Club Marítim de Sitges swimming pool, 3000m bicycle along the promenade and finally 1000m running).

Alejandro did an amazing performance in the cycling race and was at the head from the beginning, while on the other hand, Klaus and Albert had some difficulties and lost some positions. Nevertheless, Albert managed to make up positions and finally finished in 2nd place. Unfortunately, Klaus and Alejandro did not share the same luck as Albert did. Alejandro suffered from his lack of experience with road bikes and finished in 5th place and Klaus in 10th place.

2-Duathlon in Sant Feliu de Guíxols: the youngest and eldest of our students participated in a competition marked by an atmosphere of brotherhood.

Despite being a short race, Albert and Alejandro did a great job and finished in 2nd and 3rd place. Marta and Anna also gave their 100% which won them 5th and 8th place. Our eldest students enjoyed the race very much and managed to get our team to score.

3-Aquathlon in Sant Just d’Esvern:Albert Traveria rose to the occasion and won 2nd place.

4-Aquathlon in Molins de Rei and Sprint Triathlon in Mataró:

Alejandro Alsina was the only student to participate in the Molins de Rei aquathlon. He managed to be in the lead positions and finish in 4th place, crossing the finish line neck to neck with the third-place.

Diego Sánchez Ocal, broke his records and finished in a praiseworthy 16th place. It was a very difficult race, with a massive start and unbearably high temperatures.