Three International Baccalaureates on offer

Informative talk at EISBarcelona

Mr. Mike Barrett, the EISBarcelona Pedagogical Director, will be offering a talk on Tuesday 12th February at 19 pm where he will talk in detail about the three baccalaureates on offer in the school: the British baccalaureate programme, the American baccalaureate (American High School Diploma), and the national baccalaureate, 40% of which is taught in English.

The talk will take place in the Auditorium/ Theatre (it is not necessary to confirm attendance and it will also be open to parents from other schools).

Three baccalaureate programmes to suit the needs of all the students

The mission of EISBarcelona is to provide students with the choices that best suit their preferences so they can learn and develop their potential to the fullest. We are aware that every student is unique, and this sensitivity towards each one of them goes hand in hand with our commitment to educational excellence.

Thereby, as of next September, the school will offer the British baccalaureate programme (known as International Advanced Levels), thus offering Secondary students three baccalaureate options: the British baccalaureate, the American baccalaureate (American High School Diploma), and the national baccalaureate (40% of which is taught in English).

All these different baccalaureate programmes are equivalent in the academic field to the rest of international baccalaureate options available. They prepare students to study any university degree of their choice in universities from around the world.

Regarding the International Advanced Levels, which will add to the existing curricular offer, the subjects will be taught in English exclusively and, therefore this programme is aimed at students who are proficient in the use of said language (IELTS 6.5).

This talk is the perfect opportunity to learn about these three options in detail and how they meet the expectations of both students and families.