TEI (Tutoría Entre Iguales) Peer tutoring among equals

At Europa International School we have initiated a new project called TEI (Tutoría Entre Iguales) Peer tutoring among equals, within the framework of the School community involvement programme.

The main goal of this activity is for ESO 3 students to offer capacity building and guidance to ESO 1 students who have just entered Secondary school, and especially to offer them opportunities to develop problem-solving competences regarding bullying incidents.

This way, all ESO 1 students are able to meet older students, who at the same time count on the help and support of their tutors, the Secondary Coordinator and the ESO educational psychologist, who they can turn to for help if they experience a similar situation and which they can’t solve on their own. Our main goal is for all the students and teachers to join forces to foster a healthy school environment.