Students Exchange Programme

Within the framework of the Exchange and Cultural Trips Programme for this year 2014/2015, our Secondary and Baccalaureate students will be travelling to the following destinations:


-ESO 1A -Cardiff Wales, United Kingdom (11/03/2015-18/03/2015)

-ESO 1B -Lorient, Bretagne, France (11/03/2015-18/03/2015)

-ESO 1C -Mont de Marsan, Bordeaux, France (11/03/2015-18/03/2015)

-ESO 1D -York, England, United Kingdom (11/03/2015-18/03/2015)

-ESO 2 Cultural trip to Geneva, Switzerland (15/03/2015-20/03/2015)

-ESO 3A Surrey, England, United Kingdom (12/03/2015-19/03/2015)

-ESO 3B Paris, France (12/03/2015-19/03/2015)

-ESO 3C Lyon, France (11/03/2015-18/03/2015)

-ESO 4A Cultural Trip to the Alguer, Italy (11/03/2015-15/03/2015)

-ESO 4B Cultural Trip to Cambridge, United Kingdom (11/03/2015-15/03/2015)

-ESO 4C Cultural Trip to London, United Kingdom (11/03/2015-15/03/2015)

-Baccalaureate 1 Cultural Trip to Hamburg (13/06/2015 -21/06/2015)