Science Week -Meteorology with Enric Agud

Within the activities organized for the Science Week, our ESO 1 students attended a conference given by Mr. Enric Agud, weatherman for Catalunya Radio and TV3.

Mr. Enric Agud talked about the factors that affect climate change, the impact that a volcano erupting would have on the annual climate data and he taught students how to read weather charts over a 100 years old.

Lastly, our students were able to ask all the questions they had.  With what they have learnt with Mr. Enric Agud’s visit and what they have been working on in class, they are ready to work as junior meteorologists!

If you want to know the weather forecast or you want to know a little bit more about this weatherman, born in Sant Marti (Barcelona), but who has been living in Sant Cugat for many years now, we highly recommend you visit his blog: