Sant Cugat 2019 Awards

EISBarcelona student Cristina Grau wins the Sant Cugat 2019 award

The student designed a robotic arm to make life easier for people with mobility problems in their hands


The Premis Sant Cugat awards ceremony took place last Sunday 31st March in the Teatre-Auditori Sant Cugat. The town’s Innovation Alderwoman, Joana Barbany, awarded Cristina Grau the “Premi Sant Cugat 2019” for her research paper called ‘Estenent la mà al futur” (Offering our hand to the future). Grau was also a finalist in the 13th EISB Excellence Awards Ceremony, a ceremony in which the school awards students in 2nd Baccalaureate for their research papers.


For her research project, Cristina Grau built a robotic arm that allows precise movements and makes life easier for people with mobility problems in their hands, either because they were born without them, because they were in an accident or because they suffered an illness. “It is aimed at people who are missing half their arm. What I want is to innovate so I can help other people, and I think the arm I designed can be a great help to them.”