Rosa Jové Conference ‘Crianza feliz’ – “Happy upbringing”

Thursday, 7th February, at 20 h, in EISBarcelona (free lecture, in Spanish, limited seating)

The psychologist Rosa Jové is this year’s EISBarcelona Open Night lecturer.

She will be giving a conference on respectful upbringing, raising children taking into account their needs, both physical and emotional, at all times.

Rosa Jové, author of reference and well-known for her books on child education, will talk about an upbringing based on love and affection towards our little ones. This way of raising children rejects methods which could be considered morally or ethically reprehensible (such as shouting, spanking or leaving the children to cry…).

The author of the book “La Crianza Feliz” (A Happy Upbringing) will also be talking about the importance of the relationship between the parents since they are the primary educational role models for their children. Another significant reference in the children’s lives are their teachers; we mustn’t forget that some children spend more hours awake in school than at home.


Rosa Jové
The psychologist Rosa Jové is specialised in clinical juvenile psychology and paediatric pyschology (babies 0 to 3 years). She also has a degree in History and Geography, and she specialised in the anthropology of childhood.

Her books have had huge success. Among them, we would like to highlight Dormir sin lágrimas (Sleeping without tears), La crianza feliz (Happy upbringing) y Ni rabietas ni conflictos (No tantrums or conflicts).


Open Nights

The Open Nights are inspirational conferences for families committed to emotional education for their children. The different speakers have one common denominator: they believe in a conscious and respectful upbringing aimed at accompanying children in their path to happiness and autonomy.



Limited seating.