Rhythmic Gymnastics Regional Final

The first “Gimnastrada”, a meeting for all they rhythmic gymnastics’ schools from Sant Cugat, took place last Sunday 30th March at the PAV3 in Sant Cugat.

All the gymnasts were awarded with a certficate of participation as well as different trophies for the different categories, after blowing the audience away with dazzling individual and group performances. Our students were awarded with the “You rock!” diploma for their performance of the song “Rock and Roll”.

The main event of the “Gimnastrada” was the Regional Final. The winners classified for the Territorial Final. Europa International School gymnasts won 16 out of 17 podiums, a well-deserved reward for all their hard work and dedication.

Now the Regional Final is over, our gymnasts are focused on getting ready for the Rhythmic Gymnastics Festival 2014 that will take place on Friday 6th June.