Provincial Final – Catalonia Tennis Championship

The Provincial Final of the Catalonia Tennis Championship took place on Sunday 27th April.

The students from Europa International School who represented us throughout the tournament (Alejandro Seoane, David Puigdemasa, Daniel Arroyo and Ignasi Guerrero) were able to qualify for the Provincial Final, which means that they were amongst the best 4 schools of Catalonia.

We must highlight their excellent behaviour, very polite and always cheering and supporting their team mates.

After winning a great rivalry game against Àgora Sant Cugat in the Barcelona Provincial Final we qualified for semifinals, which we unfortunately lost by a hair last Sunday to the Institut Manuel de Montsiar, Lleida.

David Puigdemasa fought with all his might but, even though it seemed like Europa International School would triumph, the player from Lleida suffered a muscle pull, he began throwing low balls, disconcerted our player and despite the 4 match balls and 5-2 in his favour, everything was decided in the Tie Break. Then is when the player from Lleida used his experience (ESO 4) against the Europa player (ESO 1) and won 5-7. Nevertheless, this just adds more merit to Europa International School players, for they almost won ESO 4 students despite being much younger (ESO3, ESO 2 and two from ESO 1).

We want to congratulate our students on their hard work throughout the championship. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Álex Guerrero for his collaboration and support regarding the organization of the tournament organized by the FCT and the Fundació Jesús Serra Grupo Catalana Occidente.

We hope we will get better results next year! We are sure you will make it!