Project “Cantania”

This year, Primary 5 students will participate in the Project Cantania. This project, with more than 25 years of history, is organized by the Auditori de Barcelona and consists of a cantata written specifically for the occasion. This concert gathers students between 8 and 12 years of age from many different schools. The students sing accompanied by an orchestra made up of 10 musics, 2 singers and a narrator.

This year our students will be performing the work “Rambla Llibertat (Freedom Avenue), composed by the musician Albert Carbonell and the writer Marc Rosich. Their main characters are a cameraman and a reporter, who tell us the story of a street where everyone living in it is happy. That is some news!

Throughout the second term our Primary 5 choir has been preparing for the Cantata, under the guidance of Mr. Jordi Picorelli. The concert will take place on the 29th April, at the Sant Cugat Auditorium.