“Operación Kilo y Juguete”

By Mr. Sergio Mairal & Ms. Iratxe Marcos

Students in ESO4 and Baccalaureate participate in the Volunteer Projects that the school supports each year.

This year, the students have adapted to the situation and have prepared a different, generous and supportive campaign to collect food and toys for those in need, which , with everyone’s help, will be as successful or even more so than the previous ones.

These campaigns are particularly important this year because, due to the Covid-19 crisis, more families are in vulnerable circumstances. Thus, under the slogans #NeverasllenasEISB and #NingunniñosinjugueteEISB and with the help of “Cáritas Badalona, Nursery Niño Dios and Cap Nen sense joguina”, it will be possible to reach those who need it most. Therefore, we ask for the support of all our community to contribute with food and toys*, as much as possible.

*Respecting health and hygiene protocols, products will not be allowed in the classrooms but must be left at the collection points located at the entrance of the school.

From 9 to 18 December

Mornings from 8.30h to 9.30h.

Friday 11 & 18 December, also from 17.15h to 20h.

(Thanks to the volunteer families from the Welcome Committee*)

*If any family would like to help with the collection, please contact: welcome@eisbarcelona.com



P1 & P2: Traditional Spanish sweets


P3: Traditional Spanish sweets

P4: Children’s food (Cola Cao, cereals, Nocilla)

P5: Children’s food (Cola Cao, cereals, Nocilla)


1 & 2: Biscuits and milk

3: Biscuits and milk

4: Oil (1l bottles)

5 & 6: Oil (1l bottles)

Secondary & Baccaulerate:

1 & 2 ESO: Oil (1l bottles)

3 ESO: Traditional spanish sweets

4 ESO & 1 BTO & 2 BTO: Tinned goods (paté, fruit, tuna)

Toys and books:

New and unwrapped.