One more year of achievement and success in the Selectivitat exams for Europa International School

The 9th year of Baccalaureate graduates obtained great results in the Selectivitat exams that took place in June.

For Europa International School academic excellence is a 100% pass in Selectivitat exams and an average grade of 7.69 in relation to the 6.95 grade point average of Catalonia. Also, we must highlight that one of our students was granted a scholarship by the IQS (they only give 8 each year), and that another of our students scored 13.5 out of a total of 14 points in the Selectivitat exams.

We would like to congratulate and thank all of our students, and their families, but most importantly, their teachers for their support, understanding and dedication that were without a single doubt, the key to these excellent results.

Thank you all so much and congratulations!

 foto selec 2014