Math Quest Berlin

Primary 5 and 6 students travelled to Berlin this April to participate in the “European Council of International School’s Under Twelves Maths Quest” held at the Berlin Brandenburg International School. The students who took part in the contest were: Luke Mckinley, Eduard Meléndez, Evangelina Suvorova, Paulina de la Garza, Arnau Sardà, Oliver Soar, Bruno Noguer and Andrea Estévez. They did a phenomenal job and made their school proud: CONGRATULATIONS!

Maths Quest is a prestigious international maths competition endorsed by ECIS (European Council of International Schools), which Europa International School is a proud member of. This year’s was the 17th International Maths Quest (which took place on the 4th, 5th and 6th April) and teams of children from various international schools got together and competed in a friendly environment. The main purpose of this competition is to challenge talented math students while celebrating and promoting the joy of learning mathematics within our learning communities.

Our students were very busy throughout the competition. They took part in different mathematical activities: individual and team challenges, a practical challeng and an investigation challenge. Also, students had to follow a “Maths Trail” through the Technical Museum of Berlin. Children must be under the age of 12, when they enter this competition.

The champions of the 17th edition were the students from Sant Mary’s (California): Congratulations!