Litter Less Campaign

For the second year in a row around one hundred of our students are taking part in the ‘Young Reporters for the Environment’ project. In this project, the students employ their journalistic skills reporting on local environmental issues or news. Last year we were awarded prizes in all three categories of the competition: photography, audiovisual and written article, with a special mention for Álex Vidal, Pau Tintoré, Kaan Özdemir and Berzan Ekame. This group of students was awarded the first prize in audiovisual reporting in the 15-18 year age group in Spain and their project represented Spain in the international competition.

Throughout the month of December, the students are going to develop the projects in groups of 3-4 people. They will investigate local news related to the environment, focusing on ‘Litter Less’ and the forests.

As a school, we are aware of the massive problem that the waste we produce is creating. We, as a school, have a lot of litter everyday. There are more than 1500 students and the waste we generate could have a huge impact, if we do not take action now. We are reducing the amount of residues like plastic and paper. With the new policies being implemented, we have already reduced the amount of rubbish we throw away.

We think that the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations are the right path that mankind has to follow, especially the fourth goal: Quality Education. We believe that educating the new generations in terms of sustainability, respect and tolerance is the biggest contribution we can make and it is very important to us to teach students how to respect nature and how the complex interaction between its different components must be preserved, if we are to protect our unique world.

At our school, we are going to hold a Community Action Day on the 13th June, where we will display projects on this topic created by our students. Moreover, we are trying to find the opportunity for our students to help directly both in reforestation programs or keeping the forest clean to prevent fires, something that is unfortunately a recurring problem in our country.