Learning in the 21st Century

Talks for Parents

The main goal of this series of talks is to explain as clear and understandable as possible how children and adolescents learn in the classroom.

By the hand of Víctor González Griera, Head of the Innovation Department at EISB, parents will understand, from an educational perspective, what group work means, the different study techniques they use and how project-based learning works. Furthermore, the talks will go over different questions that affect students on a daily basis, such as having homework at home after school hours,  the different criteria teachers use to evaluate and the strategies that can help them inside and outside the classroom.


Group Work

Group work is one of the most demanded skills in our world today and the world to come. It is a necessary condition in the professional world of big companies, and it is considered even more important than specific knowledge.

We will talk about topics such as the difficulties involved in working in groups, how they are dealt with from the educational system and what evaluation systems are used both throughout the process and in regard to the end product. We will also talk about the learning opportunities in the classroom and at home and how both families and the school can help students acquire such a key competence for their professional future.


Thursday, 15th November/19.30 h


Study Techniques

Sometimes, despite studying for many hours the outcome is not as good as we had hoped. When this happens, usually people tend to increase the number of hours of study, but the results are the same. The truth is that, in many occasions, it is not about increasing quantity but investing in quality.

In this talk we will discuss study techniques based on neuroscientific research, ways of managing time, subjects and space. We will also explain the different mechanisms we can use to adapt these techniques to suit each one of us, by promoting self-awareness and self-discovery and teaching them self-management skills.


Thursday, 14th March/19:30 h




Víctor González Griera

Head of the Innovation Department at European International School of Barcelona

He was awarded with the “premio extraordinario de la Universidad de Barcelona” and was finalist in the National Academic Excellence Award Ceremony for his degree in “Magisterio” (Education) after graduating summa cum laude with an average score of 9,9. Currently he is studying a degree in “Pedagogia” (Teaching methods).

Further complementing his formal education, he is also a musician, voiceover actor and he studied to be a scriptwriter and film director at ESCAC.

Some of his works in gamification, cooperative and collaborative work and educational transmedia narrative have been published in other countries.