IQS Summer Campus

A group of 13 ESO 3 students from Europa International School are participating from the 25th to the 27th of June in the IQS “Imagine your future” campus, which provides them with their first experience with the university world, but, of course, adapted to suit the students’ academic level.

The main goal of the campus is for students to become familiar with three fields of knowledge: science, technology and business administration and marketing. The purpose of the campus is to help students decide which subjects they will choose for the following years. Students will participate in practical sessions with a lot of interaction between  teacher and students.

Students who have participated in the campus before described it as a very satisfactory experience and we are sure this year’s edition will be a great success too.

Participating in this campus adds more value to the school’s educational programme and strengthens our links with the world of university and specially with the IQS, who certified us as an approved partner school.