International Schools Sports Association (ISSA)

Europa International School is a proud member of the ISSA (International Schools Sports Association). As a member, at EIS we take part in different sport tournaments with our boys, girls and boys and girls teams every year.

The tournament calendar for this 2014/2015 year is the following:

-05/11/2014 – 08/11/2014 ISSA Boys Football Tournament (Barcelona)

-04/03/2015 -07/03/2015 ISSA Boys Basketball Tournament (London)

-04/03/2015 -07/03/2015 ISSA Girls Basketball Tournament (Madrid)

-29/04/2015 – 02/05/2015 ISSA Girls Football Tournament (Turkey)

-18/05/2015 – 20/05/2015 ISSA Golf Tournament (Portugal)

The key for the success of the tournaments are the school families who, year after year, kindly welcome these students in their homes. In this regard, Europa International School has a large group of “host families”, which thankfully grows with each passing year.

Here you can find the footage from the first ISSA tournament, which took place at Europa International School.