8 Europa International School qualify for the 2nd stage of the “Fem Matemàtiques 2014” contest.

The second stage of the “FEM MATEMÀTIQUES” contest will take place on Saturday 5th April. 8 Europa International School students (4 from ESO 1, and 4 more from ESO 2) will participate in the competition:

 ESO 1: Ariadna Cebollero, Claudia Chocarro, Cristina Grau, Elizaveta Dubrovina

ESO 2: Miriam Serra, María Cavestany, Jordi Forcadell, Guillermo Leopold

 180 students will put their knowledge to the use with a group test and individual problems in the 2nd stage of the competition. There will be a single champion in the group category while in the individual category several students will have the opportunity to qualify for the Final Stage of the Catalonia Championship.

 We would like to congratulate all the students who qualified for the 2nd stage and…we wish you GOOD LUCK!