Europa International School participates in the final stage of the “Fem Matemàtiques” 2014 contest

The final stage of the “Fem Matemàtiques” contest took place in April. 8 Europa International School students, divided into two groups, one for ESO 1 and the other for ESO 2 students, participated in the contest:

1r ESO: Ariadna Cebollero, Claudia Chocarro, Cristina Grau, Elizaveta Dubrovina

2n ESO: Miriam Serra, María Cavestany, Jordi Forcadell, Guillermo Leopold

Since only 180 of the 3000 students who participated in the contest qualified for the final stage of this year’s edition, we must say the fact that our students made it to the final is, indeed, reason enough to be proud. All of our students did an excellent job: CONGRATULATIONS!