Europa International School participates in the Copa Catalana swimming competition

The final stage of the Copa Catalana Infantil competition took place on Saturday 24th May. This year the competition was held at the Club Natació Igualada and it gathered swimmers from 13 different clubs from all over Catalonia.

It was the debut for Europa Internationl School swimmers: Xavi Corberó, Anna Fontanals, Joan Manel García-Reyero, Pepe García-Reyero, Marta Gión, Emma Moragrega, and Jankel Parada. They represented their school in 19 races. Even though it was their first time participating in some of the races, they made a huge effort and showed how brave and  strong they are.

It was a difficult competition and our students were exhausted, the races were overlapping and there was not enough time for our students to recover. Nevertheless, our swimmers did a phenomenal job, they broke their own records and won a praiseworthy 10th place, an improvement of 3 places with respect to the place they qualified with.

We would like to congratulate our team. Good job!