Europa International School participates in the Basketball Pequecopa

The “Pequecopa”, a basketball competition like the “Copa Colegial” but for our youngest students, took place on Saturday 31st May. Last time our ESO and Baccalaureate students won 2nd place in this competition, and this time it was the alevins turn to participate.

Our students in the alevin team did a great job this season, and they almost qualified for finals in the Pequecopa! Despite playing against affiliated teams, they won 2 out of 4  matches. What an amazing accomplishment!

It was a really positive experience, our students had a lot of fun and they were also given the opportunity play against teams that were supposedly much better, and realize that there wasn’t that much difference between them. We are so proud of you!

On the other hand, Marc Ibáñez, participated and won the XXXL clothes contest that took place during the All Star match. He managed to score a basket dressed in XXXL shirt and trousers and wearing a pair of size 15 basketball sneakers. Can you imagine what he could do wering reagular clothes? Congratulations everyone!