Europa International School in collaboration with the MIT

This term, Europa International School, in collaboration with the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is participating in the MISTI (MIT Science and Technology Initiatives) project together with the Fundació Catalunya, La Pedrera.

The main objective of the project is, on the one hand, to enable David Hesslink, a Mechanical Engineering student, to gain teaching experience, in our school, with students of varying cultural backgrounds. On the other hand, our EIS students are being allowed a priceless opportunity of working with a university student from a very different educational system. They are also being allowed to benefit from the renowned working and educational resources from MIT.

In the programme, physics and chemistry students from ESO4 and Scientific and Technological BAC 1 are given Physics, Industrial Technology and Mathematics classes by David.

The experience is proving to be positively enriching for all involved. We’d like to thank our famílies for their hospitality and express our pleasure at being able to establish acadèmic links with MIT.