End of the season -Catalan league Pre-benjamin and benjamin swimming

The third pre-benjamin and the fifth benjamin competition took place on Saturday 17th May at the Club Natació Parets. With these competitions the season 13/14 of the Swimming Catalan League is officially over.

Our pre-benjamin and benjamin students competed in races of great technical difficulty with complicated turns and distances twice as long as usual. Despite all the challenges our students did a great performance and we are very proud of them.

They competed in 50 metres freestyle, 100 metres styles (where swimmers are required to master all four styles and a different turn for each of the styles), 100 and 200 metres freestyle and finally the 10×50 metres relay race where all the swimmers, benjamin and pre-benjamins, swam together. We would like to congratulate Caterina Llanes, Sergi Boadas, Lucas García, Mathis Gilet, Alexandre Comerón, Izan Pomer, Mar García, Claudia Ruiz, Rodion Golnev and Iker Aranzabal. Now we have to focuse on the regional championships and the relays. Keep it up and may the force be with you!