Express your emotions!

Both leadership and proper management of emotions are fundamental for a balanced and successful life. At EISBarcelona, our students can participate in an extracurricular activity where they can develop their Emotional Intelligence (self-esteem, social skills, empathy, motivation, responsibility, communication, and values).

Students will have a place where they can be themselves and express their emotions freely, through games,arts and crafts, teamwork, music, or role-playing etc. Children will be able to develop the necessary tools for their well-being and personal growth. They will build their self-confidence , deepen their knowledge about feelings and emotions, and learn different strategies to face any challenge that life may present them with.

With this activity, students will achieve:

  • Increased well-being and happiness.
  • Broader emotional vocabulary so they understand better what is happening to them and how to express it.
  • Reduced impulsivity and thus, learning to make smarter choices.
  • Improved self-confidence: learning to love and respect themselves, learning to know their strength and weaknesses, what they want or don’t want.
  • Fewer conflicts at home and school.
  • Being more responsible, both with their day-to-day commitments and with their emotions (accepting responsibility of their feelings, owning up to their mistakes, the decisions they make).
  • Development of empathy: learning to value and respect others, regardless of how different they are.
  • Stronger bonds with teachers and classmates.
  • Develop resources that help them overcome their fears.
  • Teamwork skills.
  • Also, on many occasions, even improving our academic results!

This extracurricular activity includes follow-up by the Educational Psychology Department of the school for those students with special needs, and it takes place once a week:

-1st and 2nd Primary – Fridays from 12.30h to 13.30h

-3rd to 6th Primary – Fridays from 13.30h to 14.30h