EISBarcelona offers the International A Levels

The A Levels add to the existing curricular offer which also includes the official Spanish curriculum and the American High School Diploma.  ElSBarcelona is the only school in El Vallès offering this programme.

The A Levels are a guarantee of excellence, offering students the possibility to study and  obtain a highly-regarded diploma, equivalent to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme as a university access qualification.

The International AS & Advanced Level Programme (International A Levels, equivalent to the British baccalaureate), are extremely valued by renowned leading universities in the United Kingdom and other countries. The international prestige bestowed by the A Levels are based on a solid foundation. Students acquire knowledge while developing their analytical and research skills, as well as the ability to work as a team, essential for their university and professional future.

How is it structured?

The A Levels are a two-year programme where the student chooses a maximum of three subjects of interest:

  1. Mathematics or Geography.
  2. Spanish, Chemistry or Economics.
  3. Biology, Physics or Business studies.

Each subject is made up of 5 hours/week plus six additional hours under the supervision of a specialised teacher. The programme also includes one hour a week of tutoring.

Why chose the ALevels?

  1. They are a gateway to the best British universities.

The A Levels are the preferred qualification to enter universities such as Oxford or Cambridge, for those students interested in furthering their studies in the UK.

  1. They are also widely recognised by universities around the world.

Beyond the United Kingdom, the A Levels are internationally recognised qualifications that are required for entry into many universities worldwide. Some of the best international universities really value the A Levels, and they carry great weight in the admission process.

  1. They provide specialised training

By focusing on fewer subjects, students have the opportunity to specialise in specific subjects, which is very beneficial when they apply for university. The knowledge provided by the A Levels facilitates the access to university because students have a more specific knowledge than those who study a generic baccalaureate programme.


Requirements to access this programme:

Academic: Students must have finished the four years of Secondary Education, and they must also present a document certifying a high-grade point average.

Languages: IELTS 6.5 or equivalent.

New students will also need a letter of reference issued by the previous school where it says that they recommend the student studies the British baccalaureate.

Further information: https://www.eisbarcelona.com/en/news/edexcel-international-advanced-levels/