EIS at BCNMUN 2015: International Peace and Security

Europa International School MUN Student Team comprised of 27 students, from ESO 4, 1st and 2nd year of Baccalaureate, participated in the Model United Nations Conference that was held last Thursday, Friday and Saturday (26th to 28th November) at the NH Hotel Constanza in Barcelona.

Five hundred students from 22 schools, worldwide were invited with representatives from Austria, Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey, among other nationalities.

Participation in MUN involves extensive researching, critical thinking, public speaking and debating as well as teamwork, writing skills and leadership abilities.

In the Conference, we witnessed how the future generation used their capacity to try to solve some difficult and challenging situations of our near future.   They dealt with current problems that countries face on a daily basis regarding security issues.

We congratulate our for the commitment shown and we hope that they come to their own conclusions on how to tackle current threats facing society.