Dystopian Stories


Dystopian Stories is a project organized by the Department of Catalan carried out by ESO 2 students, which was created by Mr. Victor Gonzalez.

Using the educational approach of gamification, the thematic focus of the project are the “dystopias”, a very in style topic both in films and books these days (series like The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, or Ender’s Game). Our students will have to write a story and they will be rewarded with virtual items for their individual and group success. Therefore, they will also work on their cooperation skills, making decisions as a group, creating the characters and the different scenarios.

You will be able to se the different exercises, the goals set by the teachers, the theory used and the different stories “in the making” on our website; a common work space for students and teachers.

You are all invited!

Are you ready to discover new dystopian worlds?