Dr. Diana Pou speaks on the Ebola outbreak

Our ESo 4 and our Baccalaureate 1 and 2 students had the privilege to attend a conference by Dr. Diana Pou on the management of epidemics and more precisely on the Ebola outbreak.

Dr. Diana Pou is a referent doctor in our country and abroad for her vast experience regarding Ebola oubreaks. She is member of the infectious disease Research Institute in the Valle Hebron Hospital, member of the International Health Programme for the Catalan Health Institute and currently she is acting as a consultant to the Special Committee for the Management of the Ebola disease in Spain. Dr. Pou has been working with Doctors without borders in Africa for over 9 years and has witnessed three Ebola outbreaks first-hand.

We would like to thank her for visiting us, for telling us how hard life is for volunteers in Doctors without borders and for answering all the questions asked by our students regarding the disease, its management and her personal experience on the field

It was a privilege meeting Dr. Diana Pou.