Chasing your dreams

Waking up early, training before your classmates even get out of bed, keeping up with the rhythm in school, training again in the afternoon, going home tired, studying, having dinner and going to sleep to repeat all that day after day…The life of a young swimmer who fights to achieve her dreams of getting to the top requires great mental strength and lots of sacrifices.

Claudia Reato, Europa International School student, participated in July for the first time in the girls National Swimming Championships (Alevin -11 and 12 years of age) that took place in A Coruña after qualifying for the 100m and 200m freestyle.

We would like to congratulate Claudia Reato and her coach Cristina Franco, for such great results and for achieving the goals set at the beginning of the season, but most importantly; we must thank them for showing the rest of the teammates important values such as sacrifice, comradeship or discipline.