3rd Crystallization Contest

3rd Crystallization Contest at school
Do you remember Superman’s famous Kryptonite crystals? The green crystals with perfect geometric shapes? Well, it’s not easy to make a crystal! Obtaining good crystals is an art that demands of technique and knowledge, as well as a good deal of patience and time…especially time…

This year we decided to participate for the first time in the 3rd edition of the Crystallization Contest at school organized by the UAB. The Baccalaureate 1 students who will participate in the contest are:  Meritxell Serra, Clàudia Peirò and Cristina Abellán.
Our main goal was to submit to the competition crystalls as big and nice as possible and learning everything we could from the experience.

We were able to learn the basics of the crystallization process and also we coloured our crystals with methylene blue. We have been working for 2 months to obtain the results you can see in the photographs.
Now we must get ready for the final that will take place on the 4th April.
Good luck!
foto foto1