37th Edition of the Young talents and Short stories Contest

Coca-Cola Iberian Partners, in collaboration with the Departament d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya, fosters the development of reading and writing among ESO 2 students through a literary contest that has been established as one of the most important contests of the country.

The Europa International School students who will be participating in the 37th final of the Short Stories contest organized by Coca-Cola are the following:

 ESO 2A: Laia Torres Masdéu,Inés Pérez Fernández, Lola Tobía Ruber.

ESO 2B: Esteve Vila Cortijo, Emma Perrault, Maxi Ibáñez Morán.

ESO 2C: Carla León Contreras, Eugenia Arroyo Ruiz, Claudia Palomares Tuells.

The final stage of the contest will take place between March and April. The Departament d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya will provide students with a sentence they will have to include in the story, which will not be longer than both sides of a piece of paper, and which they will have two hours to write.

We must highlight that the jury will be made up of well known figures in the world of arts and letters such as university professors, writers, and journalists. The jury will take into account three main factors when deciding which the best short story is: literary quality, linguistic resources and proper writing.

Those students who finish between the 1st and 5th position will win an iPad  and those students who finish between the 6th and 15th place will win a digital pad.

We wish them all the luck!

For any further information you can visit (in Catalan):