Baccalaureate (16-18 years of age)

100% of our Baccalaureate students pass Selectivity exams and 86% of them are accepted at their first choice of University. We can’t forget either that they can speak 5 languages and are prepared to study or work anywhere in the world.

Our main goal in this stage is for students to get to University with the best training possible. We believe this can only be achieved by fostering good work and study habits, and knowing the importance of hard work. Also we try to open as many doors as possible to our students, so they can be exposed to as many different experiences as possible, all of them integrated in a solid and comprehensive educational project, supported by the best educational team.

Work and autonomy habits

In the Tutorial classes we foster their work habits and their independence, key elements for a good preparation before university. Within the tutorial action plan framework, our students attend a series of career guidance seminars given by former students and parents.

Design your own Baccalaureate
Flexibility of itineraries and international option

Our students can study the Spanish Baccalaureate in any of the different modalities: Science and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Arts. As well as the American High School Diploma and the International ALevels. (ALevels information)

Promoting reading habits, Cinefórum, Poetry Club

Besides the aesthetic pleasure and cultural value of literature, we like to motivate our students to read as a means of self-discovery and knowledge of the world.

To the same end, we encourage our students to participate in poetry reading workshops and cinema forums, where they can view and comment on films, thus expanding on their cultural knowledge and improving their oral expression and debating skills.

Our “open reading” project offers students the option to choose the book they want to read. From our point of view, giving the students the power to decide is essential in order for them to develop good reading habits, especially in those stages where it is crucial that students do not see reading as an imposition but rather as a choice that contributes to the search for their adult identity.

We bring you University closer

We have collaboration agreements with different universities, which allow our students to enjoy experiences and make contacts that will help them make an informed choice about their potential universities. We offer workshops and seminars carried out by both national and international universities, where our students will not only be able to just learn, but to also get a glimpse of the university life ahead of them.