Rosa Jové Conference ‘Crianza feliz’ – “Happy upbringing”

Thursday, 7th February, at 20 h, in EISBarcelona (free lecture, in Spanish, limited seating)

The psychologist Rosa Jové is this year’s EISBarcelona Open Night lecturer.

She will be giving a conference on respectful upbringing, raising children taking into account their needs, both physical and emotional, at all times.

Rosa Jové, author of reference and well-known for her books on child education, will talk about an upbringing based on love and affection towards our little ones. This way of raising children rejects methods which could be considered morally or ethically reprehensible (such as shouting, spanking or leaving the children to cry…).

The author of the book “La Crianza Feliz” (A Happy Upbringing) will also be talking about the importance of the relationship between the parents since they are the primary educational role models for their children. Another significant reference in the children’s lives are their teachers; we mustn’t forget that some children spend more hours awake in school than at home.


Rosa Jové
The psychologist Rosa Jové is specialised in clinical juvenile psychology and paediatric pyschology (babies 0 to 3 years). She also has a degree in History and Geography, and she specialised in the anthropology of childhood.

Her books have had huge success. Among them, we would like to highlight Dormir sin lágrimas (Sleeping without tears), La crianza feliz (Happy upbringing) y Ni rabietas ni conflictos (No tantrums or conflicts).


Open Nights

The Open Nights are inspirational conferences for families committed to emotional education for their children. The different speakers have one common denominator: they believe in a conscious and respectful upbringing aimed at accompanying children in their path to happiness and autonomy.



Limited seating.


New edition of the Parent and Child First Aid Course

Accidents, in general, don’t’ happen very often. However when they do occur, acting fast and effectively can make the difference between life and death.

With this four-hour theoretical and practical workshop, we will learn the basic techniques to face life-threatening situations with children aged 0 to 7 years, although the knowledge can be applied to children of all ages.

There will be time for personal questions and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with child mannequins.

The workshop will be hosted by Mrs. Anna Moreno, nurse and midwife with over 20 years of experience working in the emergency room and paediatric ICU.

DATE: Saturday 10th November, 10 h to 14 h

PRICE: 40 € (or 55 € couple)

PLACE: European International School of Barcelona
Av. Pla del Vinyet, 110
Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

Booking a place

(Limited places)

Extracurricular Activities – Open Classes

EISB offers, from the 8th – 11th October, free open classes for all the boys and girles interested in trying our extracurricular activities.

 These open classes are open to both EISB and external students.

If you want to try, please send an email to Òscar Huerta ( making sure you state the name of the activity and the name of the studen taking part in the activity.


-Drama (3rd & 4th Primary)

8th October, 13.30h to 14:30h

-Duathlon  (5th & 6th Primary)

8th October, 17.30h to 18.30 h

-Drama (5th & 6th Primary)

9th October, 13.30h to 14.30h

-Musicals (Infant School)

8th & 9th October, 12.30h to 13.30 h

-Musical Sensitization  (P2)

10th October, 16.00h to 16.45h

-Musicals (ESO)

9th & 11th October,  14.30h to 15.00 h

-Horseback Riding ( P5 to 2nd Primary)

10th October, 12.00h to 12.45 h

-Judo (ESO)

9th & 11th October, 18.30h to 19.30h


Last Friday 22nd of November, Europa International School students celebrated the Day of Music by playing their favourite instrument and sharing that moment with the rest of their classmates, teachers and relatives.

Throughout the day many different performances took place in the School hall and in the theatre: instrumental performances (solos and groups), original compositions created by our students, dance performances and we even had a rockband…many different ways to enjoy such a wonderful art.




The second stage of the selection process for the Primary 5 and 6 students who will be travelling to Berlin to participate in the “European Council of International Schools’ Under Twelves Maths Quest” took place last Thursday 24th of October. The test consisted on 23 questions that the students, the 44 who had passed the first stage of the process, had to answer in 45 minutes. Congratulations!

The Math Quest, which will take place this year on the the 4th, 5th and 6th of April, is a competition organized by the ECIS (European Council of International Schools) of which Europa International School is a proud member. Students from several countries take part in the competition every year and they carry out different mathematical activities: individual and team questions, a construction challenge and a mathematical gymkhana around the city. The Math Quest is a competition for under 12 year olds, and the participants are the most gifted in mathematics of each school. Even if the level is high, the main aim of the competition is to foster motivation and enjoyment for mathematics by means of an intercultural experience that promotes the interrelation among participants.


Good luck everyone!