Students from Hamburg pay us a visit

Baccalaureate 1 students have welcomed their exchange partners from Luisen Gymnasium, Hamburg. We hope they enjoy their stay in our country. Willkommen!


GrOC Conferences

The first GrOC, Gramática Orientada a las Competencias, or Teaching Grammar for Basic Language Skills Conference, took place last January 30th at Europa International School and was organized by the school’s Spanish Department in collaboration with Mr. Ángel Gallego, professor of Hispanic Studies at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

The GrOC Conference’s main goal was for all the parties involved in the teaching of Spanish in Secondary Education, to meet and join forces in order to work on new materials that will optimize efforts and improve the teaching experience for schools.

Throughout the GrOC, which continued on Friday 31st January at the UAB School of Humanities, more than a hundred teachers attended the conferences and participated in round tables, where they talked about the main problems they face when trying to help students to develop their communication skills through the study of grammar.

Contrary to the belief in the need to put an emphasis on the sociolinguistic and pragmatic aspects of language learning, the organizers of the Congress pointed out that “grammar, especially when it involves the need for reflection and not just a simple list of grammatical functions, can improve students’ written expression and reading comprehension significantly”. Nevertheless, Mr. Germán Cánovas said at the end of the GrOC Conference “this new approach requires the right attitude from those teachers involved and the development of new materials that will facilitate their work”.

Europa International School’s OPEN DAY

Europa International School’s OPEN DAY, which took place on Saturday 8th February, is a day for all the school parents and other visitors to enjoy the countless activities, talks and workshops the school educational staff prepares for the occasion.

This year we also hosted the 2nd Universities’ Fair of Sant Cugat, with more than 35 universities (from Spain and abroad). It provides the perfect opportunity for all students who are already thinking about their future, to gather the information about the different degrees offered by the universities, and make an educated choice.

We also have robotics, science and arts workshops as well as charitable projects that provide students with the opportunity to collaborate with NGO’s such as UNICEF. Furthermore, teachers and students offer parents guided tours around the school.   

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the families who visited us on such special day. We are very proud of our OPEN DAY and we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

ISSA International Boys Basketball Tournament

The ISSA (International School Sports Association) Boys Basketball Tournament will take place on March 6th-8th at Europa International School, Sant Cugat del Vallès.

Within the international sports project, and as members of the ISSA, our students participate in 5 tournaments throughout the year: boys and girls football, boys and girls basketball and golf.

This tournament is an amazing sports experience of great international scope for both the school (our families will host 90 athletes from 9 different countries) and the city of Sant Cugat.

Europa International School’s huge success at the 2014 Dance World Cup Competition – Spain, (7th- 9th February, Sitges).

The Dance World Cup (DWC) is an international dance competition with well known judges for each and every one of the dance genres: classical ballet, modern, tap, song and dance, street/hip hop and national.

The Europa International Dance School, made up of grade VIII dancers Patrícia Cavestany, Andrea Delgado, Clàudia Peiró and Ainhoa Zuazo enjoyed a wonderful experience representing their school at the Dance World Cup Competition that took place last 7th-9th February.

Andrea Delgado and Clàudia Peiró impressed the judges with an elegant choreography to the sound of Pachelbel’s Canon with a Spanish accent, and were awarded a bronze medal in the Junior National category in the 2014 national edition of the Dance World Cup-Spain (DWC Spain), thus winning a place to represent Spain in the World Final Dance World Cup which will take place next July in the Algarve, Portugal. More than 2000 dancers from all over the world will compete in a gigantic event that could very well be considered the Olympic Games of dance.

The DWC-Spain offered the dancers and schools participating, several workshops and masterclasses with some of the best teachers in the world, such as: David Kierce, Jean Philippe Dury, Dolly Henry or Heather Douglas.

Congratulations Clàudia and Andrea, Europa International School is with you!


The Dance World Cup Spain is taking place the 7th, 8th and 9th February, and our students from the Europa International Dance School, are participating in it.

The DWC Spain is open to anyone who attends a dance school that is not state run. They encourage group dances so that as many children as possible can participate, no matter the age, number of participants, or dance genre etc. With well known judges and competitions held in Classical Ballet, Modern, Tap, Song and Dance, Street/Hip Hop and National, they cater for all dance schools around the world.

The winners will represent Spain in the final which is held annually in a different location.


Kangaroo Mathematical Contest

The Math Kangaroo Contest is an international competition coordinated by the international organisation “Le Kangourour Sans Frontières”. The Catalan Mathematics Society organises the contest in Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands. The contest’s main goal is to foster student engagement in mathematics through problem solving.

The competition is organized on several levels. The problems are different in each of 4 categories: ESO 3, ESo 4, Baccalaureate 1 and Baccalaureate 2. On the same day pupils in different countries solve the same problems formulated in their languages.The competition is executed as a 75 minutes multiple choice test, consisting of 30 questions equally divided among the categories of 3-point-, 4-point- and 5-point-questions. In each question, 5 solutions are given, exactly one of them being correct.

Last 28th January, our students Hugo Igártua Zunzunegui and Diego Sánchez Ocal were awarded by the Catalan Mathematics Society (SCM) with a prize for having obtained in the Kangaroo contest a result within the top 1% of all competitors.  Let us remind that Hugo Igártua finished in 33rd place in ESO 3 out of 6.174 students in Catalonia and Diego Sánchez also finished in 33rd place out of 5.499 students from Catalonia in the ESO 4 category. Once again, we would like to congratulate our students on such excellent results!

The 19th edition of the Kangaroo will take place on the 20th March 2014. Good luck everyone!

We celebrate the Chinese New Year

Our secondary students will be celebrating the Chinese New Year next Friday 31st January. To mark the occasion our students will be carrying out different activities such as: Chinese calligraphy, decoration with typical Chinese motifs, they will sing Chinese songs and they will even eat fortune cookies!


Jornadas GrOC

El próximo jueves 30 y el viernes 31 de enero tendrán lugar en Europa International School las Jornadas GrOC.

GrOC (Gramática Orientada a las Competencias) es una iniciativa que, con el asesoramiento de profesores expertos y con el respaldo académico universitario de los ámbitos de la gramática y de la pedagogía, pretende favorecer e impulsar propuestas de trabajo orientadas a mejorar la práctica en el aula relacionada con las asignaturas de lengua y la enseñanza de gramática en la educación secundaria.


Para más información: Jornadas_GrOC_CAST


This week, two group of Europa International School students are participating in the Model United Nations Conferences.
We have one team of delegates, made up of Secondary and Baccalaureate students, is taking part in the PAMUN in the UNESCO Building in Paris, and the other one, made up of ESO 4 students, is at the Barcelona Model United Nations in the HCC Montblanc Hotel in Barcelona.

The preparation and hard work that goes in to these conferences is considerable and they are doing themselves and the school proud.