The European International School of Barcelona AMPA (Parents association) would like to welcome all the parents in the school educational community. Any parent or legal guardian of a student can become a member of the AMPA.


The EISPA objectives are the following:

    • Give help and support to all association members, teachers and students.
    • Promote the participation of parents in all the everyday school acitivities .
    • Facilitate the collaboration of the school in the social context in which it is located.
    • Collaborate with the school’s educational activities and help in improving the quality of teaching and all other activities organised by the school.
    • Be open to suggestions or new ideas from the members, according to the rules and regulations in force


So that the Association can be a true representation of the majority of families it is important that we have the participation and support of everyone. You can get involved by attending the activities, meetings and events of the AMPA.

The EISPA Board of Directors is democratically chosen in the members meeting and work voluntarily and receive no payment whatsoever for their work.

Contact email:

AMPA Managing Board