How to provide positive discipline at home and in the school

A few weeks before our Open Night dedicated to Positive Discipline by the world-class lecturer Joy Marchese (also renowned trainer and founder of Positive Discipline UK), we would like to talk a bit more about this philosophy. It is increasingly common for schools and families to educate children following the principles of positive discipline. Positive […]

Conference about positive discipline: tools to raise happy children

What is positive discipline? How can we raise our children lovingly and firmly at the same time, at home and in school? We will talk about all this in the conference (in English) “Tools to Raise Happy and Resilient Children” by Joy Marchese, founder of Positive Discipline UK, on Thursday 30th January 2020 at 19h […]

Litter Less Campaign

For the second year in a row around one hundred of our students are taking part in the ‘Young Reporters for the Environment’ project. In this project, the students employ their journalistic skills reporting on local environmental issues or news. Last year we were awarded prizes in all three categories of the competition: photography, audiovisual […]

Play and the learning process from 0 to 6 years of age

How does a developing brain learn? Are the toys that our children want for Christmas stimulating? Why? And how? We will talk about this and much more in the next session of the Active Parenting Programme, a series of talks and workshops for mums and dads interested in broadening their knowledge on parenting, education and […]

Express your emotions!

Both leadership and proper management of emotions are fundamental for a balanced and successful life. At EISBarcelona, our students can participate in an extracurricular activity where they can develop their Emotional Intelligence (self-esteem, social skills, empathy, motivation, responsibility, communication, and values). Students will have a place where they can be themselves and express their emotions […]

Chinese for everyone

Learning Chinese has become a necessity as much for families for whom it is their mother tongue and who want their children to keep in close contact with their culture and traditions as for students who wish to learn a new language looking forward to their professional future. Chinese is the most widely spoken language […]

Baby Led Weaning Workshop

Introducing food When the baby is approaching the 6-months anniversary, most parents start to wonder which one will be the best way to introduce the food to their newborn: either puréed or in small pieces. The Baby-Led Weaning -letting your children feed themselves from the start of weaning -consists of introducing complementary food in little […]

Connect with EISB online

EISB expands its presence on social media It is a pleasure to inform you that EISB now has an official Instagram account and a private Facebook group. This group is only for EISB families, aimed at supporting one another and building a community. We invite you to follow the school (@eisbarcelona) and help us make […]