One of the main focuses of European ISB is to give all our students the opportunity to achieve their goals, both personal and academic.

For our students focused on high sports performance, we offer three academic itineraries: International A Levels (face-to-face classes), University of Nebraska High School (face-to-face and online programme) and the national curriculum (face-to-face).

These programmes combine technical and tactical training and high-level physical training. With a tailor-made educational system that meets the needs of each player, respecting their practice schedule and competition dates, we help young talents become professional athletes, and we make sure they have the support of experts in both the sporting and the academic fields.

The American High School Diploma is the program that best suits these students. Based on credits, it allows them the flexibility to either concentrate on study or on their game, depending on the time of the school year.

We want our athletes to become autonomous and responsible

European International School of Barcelona is currently working in collaboration with international sporting companies.

We train our athletes to achieve excellence in their human and intellectual development. We encourage learning and we foster their natural abilities and gifts, teaching them how to use them for the common good.

We teach from an international, modern and practical point of view. In a world that’s getting more complex every day, we want our athletes to become autonomous and responsible individuals, able to study or compete in any place in the world.

We work with an active methodology, whose main goal is to help our students to “learn to learn” and enjoy the process, so they can be lifelong learners. We want them to be independent, and self-confident; and for them to see the school as the place where they feel appreciated, and can strengthen their natural abilities, their gifts; everything that makes them unique and special.

We tend our international families with face-to-face and online meetings. Experience tells us that academic and personal success is only achieved through effective and proactive communication between parents, students and teachers.

University of Nebraska High School Diploma

We offer The University of Nebraska High Scool (UNHS) Diploma.

With a tailor-made programme, classes are taught by a team of qualified teachers specialised in the different subjects. We offer personal academic advice to all students, national and international, at all ages and levels of study.

European ISB is fully committed to helping young athletes achieve their goals, and at the same time making sure their studies are not compromised. Nevertheless, we focus on the athlete as a person because we believe that the human being should always come first.

The subjects, issued by UNHS that are offered according to transcript evaluation are: