Young Reporters for the Environment 2020

Congratulations on this well-deserved first place! Several students from EISBarcelona have been awarded the five First Prizes in the Young Reporters competition as part of the “Litter Less” campaign, designed to raise awareness of the importance of caring for the environment and having a sustainable lifestyle.

The organizers of the programme are so satisfied with these excellent results that their work will be presented in the international competition.

In the “Young Reporters for the Environment” project, students test their journalistic skills by writing articles about environmental news or events in their local area.

Just like last year, this year several of our students won first prize in the three categories of the competition: photography, audiovisual report and written article.


The 5 works awarded First Place are the following:




Category: Article 15-18 years

Title: The growing problem of litter on Barceloneta beach and its impact

Authors: Nuria R. Inés C. y Alicia M.


Category: Campaign photograph

Title: Bon appetit

Authors: Alicja S. Claudia E. Claudia R. Hugo M.


Category: Video Campaign 15-18 yrs

Title: Unconsciousness of teenagers when partying

Authors: Martina P. Aroa C. Carla M.




Category: Article 15-18 años

Title: Prestige Nightmare still haunts Spanish government 18 years later. The forgotten successful rock-cleaning method.

Author: Helena B.


Category: Campaign Photograph

Title: LED it be

Author: Javier L.

EISB Summer Camps 2020

Dear Families,

Below you will find the EISB Summer Camps 2020 brochure.

We would like to remind you the deadline to sign up your children for the different Summer Camps:

-EIS SUMMER CAMP  (13th – 31st July):

Registration deadline -26th June -registration through google form below.

-BABY SCHOOL  (1st – 31st  July):

Registration deadline -26th June -registration by sending an email at

-LANGUAGE AND SUPPORT (1st – 31st July):

Registration deadline -26th June -registration by sending an email at




Protocol of Protection and Prevention

EISBarcelona reopening June – July 2020: Protocol of Protection and Prevention

The EISB Recovery Committee, formed by those responsible for the areas of health,

circulation, maintenance, security, administration and HR, together with the school management, established a protocol to ensure the proper reopening of our school.

The following protocol has been drawn up based on the Plan for the Opening of Educational

Centres, which incorporates measures on the adequacy of spaces, distance and hygiene measures and the vulnerability of students and staff.

The following procedures have been established to ensure the highest standards of health, safety and hygiene during the summer camps, open only to EISBarcelona families and we will adapt them when back to school in September 2020.

Action Protocol:

  • Circulation flow. Entries and exits
  • Signposting and information
  • Circulation within the school premises
  • Classroom organization
  • Use of material
  • Grouping of areas
  • Common areas
  • Teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Dining room service

Health and hygiene measures:

  • Nurse Service
  • Attendance requirements
  • Measures of protection and prevention. Physical distance / handwashing / face masks/ temperature control
  • Cleaning, ventilation and disinfection
  • Protocol of action in the event of symptoms compatible with COVID-19

All students, family members and teachers must strictly follow the health and safety measures stipulated by our internal protocol, in line with recommendations made by national and international childcare agencies.

Read the following document:

Protocol of Protection and Prevention EISB Summer 20202_June and July

XXIII Winners of the Literary Contest


A different Sant Jordi that has not prevented our students from participating in the literary contest that we organize every year at this time. Thank you very much for your participation and congratulations to the winners!

Primary 1:

  • Catalan – L. Sattonnay
  • Spanish – C. Mairal
  • English – D. Sánchez
  • English-  S. Jiménez


Primary 2:

  • Catalan  –  P. Rubio
  • Spanish –  E. Escoda
  • English –  M. Roca
  • English – L. Monreal


Primary 3:

  • Catalan-  N. Moschitz
  • Spanish – N. Pereiras
  • English –  A. Vidal
  • English- L. Salvador


Primary 4

  • Catalan – J. Munné
  • Spanish – U. Llorente
  • English  –  B. Oliver
  • English  – A. Kliukvina


Primary 5

  • Catalan – G. Gutiérrez
  • Spanish – A. Allegue
  • English – P. Perez
  • French – R. Ollé


Primary 6

  • Catalan – L. Guzmán y C. Cordero
  • Spanish – P. Jané y A. Vallejo
  • English – R. Moreno and N. Baró
  • French  – N. Ortega

Get ready for the new academic year

Have you not been able to visit the schools you would most like to enroll your children in?  Have you thought about how you will choose the school they will spend most of their lives in, without having seen it?

At EISBarcelona, we suggest that you:

  1. Click here for a virtual tour.
  2. Schedule your online interview with our admissions officer, Praline Hudson ( to talk directly with her via Skype, Zoom or telephone.

Please schedule your interview using the following form:

The EISBarcelona Admissions Office is open for applications throughout the year and is looking forward to hearing from you. We offer rolling admissions, allowing entry throughout the school year, availability permitting.

We aim to make the admissions process a pleasant, informative and straightforward experience.


Contact Praline at or fill out the registration form below:

Mandalas: a great tool to work on emotional intelligence both at home and in the school

Mandalas originate from Buddhism  and, despite their mystical and spiritual significance, they are an entertaining and useful tool to work with students at a cognitive, emotional, and behavioural level.

The word “mandala,” means perfect circle in Sanskrit, and the images are frequently used in Hindu and Buddhist philosophies. Creating mandalas helps promote attention and concentration in students and helps them work on their patience, perseverance, and persistence.

Multiple studies show that cultivating these skills is vital to achieving success in life. Unfortunately, this is difficult to ensure nowadays when more and more teenagers are increasingly emotionally fragile due to the age of immediacy they live in, partially because of the Internet and new technologies.

Some of the benefits of using mandalas are:

  1. They foster creativity and imagination through art.
  2. They improve fine motor skills by demanding a high level of dexterity.
  3. They allow more body control, especially fingers, hands, and arms.

Mar Milán, an Educational Coach and teacher of the Express your emotions Programme at EISBarcelona, shared her experience with us: “This sort of activity is perfect for children who are a bundle of energy or who find it hard to concentrate. At first, they are not especially attracted by this activity because they find it “boring” or “unattractive,” but this is the real challenge, thus the real learning opportunity. For all these kids who are overexposed to screens and the Internet, it is an activity they are not used to, without so much external overstimulation, which makes it hard for them. However, once they get used to it, they like it and even enjoy it, because, in their own words: “it gives me peace, it relaxes me.”

This teacher sees the benefits of using mandalas every day with the students in the emotional education extracurricular activity. “When a student is nervous, too excited or senses one of my “lower the energy” looks, he immediately asks for a time out and says: “I’m going to go paint a mandala to calm myself.” This clearly shows how students can learn to cope with their emotions and to self-regulate.


Bank Holidays 2nd & 3rd March

Dear Families,

Below you will find the list with all the holidays for this year 2019/2020 and we would also like to inform you that on Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd March the swimming pool will be closed for maintenance.